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Spinners Bar,  Lower Kilmacow, Ireland

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Tickets at £20 (about $28)    You win 2 full functioning profitable businesses outside Waterford, Ireland and £15,000 to stock the businesses or make any changes to put your own stamp on things.

Details, photos and how to buy a ticket

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"They told me to grow roots, instead I grew wings."        --Louis de Bernieres

Karin and I first relocated to Ireland from Oregon in the USA in 1996.  Our travels to and life on the Greek island of Paros included 2000- 2011.  See Paros Paradise Blog  Then back in Ireland briefly before ever-increasing stays in Prague: our blog and tour guide for Prague and the Czech Republic is CzechMates   As of 2016 we are back in Ireland and into our habit of travelling all the byways as well as many of the highways.

We hope you enjoy our photos and descriptions as we travel Ireland as insiders.  Karin as been described by a friend as an evocative photo-journalist.  A recent example is an April weekend at a spa hotel in Ennistymon, Co. Clare.  Click on the photo to reach Google Photos.  To see descriptions you may need to click on the Info symbol. Or direct link: 

Find more of her photo journals under Sidebar Content below.

Ennistymon View

Guinness is Good for You

Guinness strength ad of  man pulling horse in wagon

I have been a Guinness stout fan since my first trip to Ireland over 30 years ago.  When I moved to West Cork some of the locals tried to convert me to Murphy’s but like the rest of the world I stuck to the oomph of Guinness.  Perhaps part of it was the creativity of the ads that would be seen everywhere.  Such as this one on the left.

Even though under modern advertising guidelines the brewery had to quite promoting the Guinness is Good for You slogan there are numerous studies verifying the many health benefits of Guinness and its ingredients.  The latest links iron deficiency to hearing loss, so you can improve your hearing by eating a well-balanced diet or by drinking a pint of Guinness.  You choose.

Just as caffeine can be toxic but drinking coffee can be healthy there are many factors at play in good health and longevity.  I define the whole lot as an integrated lifestyle.  Others call it Blue Zone living.  You can search the internet for more information or you can read some of my lifestyle articles.  Feel free to sip at a Guinness while doing your research; you will be happy you did.

The place to start is on my TravelShepherd. com site:  Live Long and Prosper

                                    Guinness non-alcohol

Now also in a non-alcohol version--though I haven't tried it yet. 

A related subject is the mental peace that come from pilgrimage, even if you are do the stay-at-home variety.  See what I mean:  Pilgrimage in the Era of Facebook 

Its related because St. James Gate, once the southern entrance to Dublin, is now the symbolic entrance to the Guinness brewery.  During the medieval era of pilgrimage this gate was a major starting point to Santiago de Compostela, the still active Camino de Santiago.  To this day pilgrims get their Camino passports stamped at the Guinness Storehouse.

While living on Paros Greece I brought a bit of Ireland with me by celebrating Arthur's Day, a great commemoration that became spoiled by its success.  Read about it Here and Here


Remote Ireland  --  Working

Station house from

Old station house:  For sale on

Yes, Ireland has many remote corners, some with broadband, some without, but here we are talking about working remotely from a company or government office.  The Irish government has long had goals of delivering high speed broadband to every remote farm, hut and boat. Now in 2021 they are talking about requiring formal procedures to facilitate home work.

I have been writing about working at home on the beach since I started doing it about 20 years ago.  In 2020 I wrote Coronavirus Will Create Nomads and Digital Nomads in Demand about the many incentives being offered around the world to attract remote workers.  So this post is an update bringing Ireland onto the bandwagon.  Hitch your star . . .                     Inspirational quotes for Digital Nomads

Official Ireland Publications on Remote Working

Greek island Work-on-the beach creative ideas

Articles about what’s required to be an Expatriate

Top Tips for Driving in Ireland

narrow roads driving tips

More Driving Tips Here  --  But please return to our Car Rental page to get a quote from  Europcar logo


The Return:  Ireland Adventures:  2012

van hire for expats  We landed at Shannon Airport early in the morning on 10 May, picked up our rental car and headed to Ennis to see the house that we had rented over the internet.  It turned out to be a mixed bag of good, bad and ugly; perhaps we will write more later.  For now I will just say we spent the first two nights at the comfortable West County Hotel.

   I was up very early the next morning to return the rental car and catch the bus back to town to pick up the van I had hired over the phone.  It was twice as large as I expected. We drove three hours to Bandon in West Cork to retrieve our 35 boxes of junk and treasures that we had shipped from Paros and Prague.  They barely covered the floor of the van.

Poets Corner Pub, Ennis, Co. Clare


   Karin rewarded my hard driving with a great pub supper at the Poets Corner.







Trad Music Festival

Trad music noon concert in EnnisAbout the time we were tired of house cleaning the annual Ennis Fleadh Nua started--nine days of music, dancing and more.  Most of the events are free but a few of the major concerts with well known stars are €12-15 per person.  On the weekends at least nine pubs had live music sessions and during the day street entertainment at a "gig rig".  That's where we saw this young group that were surprisingly good.

Trad music formal session at noon concert, EnnisNeither Karin nor I are great fans of trad music but we do love seeing the musicians enjoying themselves.  Most sessions are so inclusive, everyone truly welcome to show what they can do, good or bad.  The a cappella solo singers are truly heart warming.  Though we did notice all the male singers were old and all the young singers were female, so maybe it is a dying art.  The old-timers certainly talk how different it was before microphones, TV and the like.

Karin does love the dancing.  At the afternoon sessions she was able to stay on her chair when the dance floor started filling but at night after a half pint she always connives to get out on to the floor. 

Ennis walking tour


We also took advantage of the festival to get a free walking tour that normally has a fee.  We were impressed with the number of major events in Irish history that are connected with Ennis.  I will write more on that in the future.  The tour guide was a local girl who told all the fun stories as well as the official history.






When we lived in West Cork we travelled every road there--more than any of of the locals did--as well as most other parts of Ireland. Now in Co. Clare our first excursion was to Galway.  Find Karin's photo journal here:  Galway

So not much of a blog, I know.  Yet we have lots of personalised Ireland travel information throughout the site.  Find it on our sitemap . . . 


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