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Our lifestyle offers many benefits; mainly the opportunity to help others have a superior travel experience.  Look around, maybe something will strike your fancy.

Ireland Itinerary

Send us an email with a bit about what you hope to see and experience and how you like to travel.  We respond with a few suggestions personalised to you.

Greece Villas

We maintain a selection of private Greek island villas of all sizes and amenities.  Cheaper than a hotel for families or small groups.


Group Tours

Over the years we have hosted many workshops and tours in Ireland, Greece and the Czech Republic.  Whatever your group interest we can help you do it better.

We Recommend

Some places, products and services are better than others.  We give you the benefit of our experience and sometimes get a commission.  Thank you for your support.

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Our selection of private villas on the island of Paros, our former home.

Villas and apartments elsewhere in the world through an agency with which we have worked for many years, Click Stay


Plein Air painting in Ireland

Plein Air painting in Greece   

Whatever your group interest we can expeditie the logistics in Ireland, Greece and Czechia.  Workshops

Suggested activities through out Ireland


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Virtually every service we provide is done on an individual personalised basis to suit your needs and desires.  Just send us an email; we will respond with a quote; no obligation on your part whatsoever.  You will be plesantly surprised how much you can find out for free  --  just like Google!

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